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Evergreen Landscape is a general contractor for landscaping and other lawn maintenance services. We specialize in using high quality products and our goal is to provide exceptional workmanship at an affordable price. We put our customers first which is why we are here for all your landscaping needs like shrub trimming and more! Our professionals are also experienced in gutter cleaning.

Our company is your one stop shop for all your landscaping needs. We take great care in creating a beautiful environment for your property, which is why we only use high quality products that are good for your plant-life. We also have fungicide spray services as well as plant fertilization services.

Evergreen Landscape will save you both time and money while providing a variety of services. Make your experience a positive one by contacting Evergreen Landscape today!


Landscape Design

Landscape Design

If you’re ready to take your landscaping to the next level, you have come to the right place. We specialize in landscaping, installation of retaining walls, and walkways for your project. Evergreen Landscape caters to residential clients who would like to improve the value of their property. A landscape designer from our professional staff can breathe life into your property. We are a landscaping company you can trust.

If you are not sure quite where to start, we offer several examples of our past projects and will be happy to help develop initial plans or backyard ideas that you can later tailor as you please. For instance, we offer several different landscape combinations that can create a visually pleasing scene, characterized by contrast, proportion, scale, and balance. Our landscape contractor has advanced knowledge of all the different varieties and can offer advice on what would be best for your property.

We offer a wide variety of landscaping services for your outdoor living space. You can trust Evergreen Landscape to do the job right every time, all the time. Our landscape design team can set you on the right path to get the most for your money. Call us today and let Evergreen Landscape in Baton Rouge, LA help you with our exceptional landscape services. We also have lawn care and shrub removal services!

Lawn Care

Lawn Care

We have sod installation services and are experienced in helping customers with all their individual needs. Our emphasis is on consistent quality, but we also appreciate the significant twists and turns that go along with creating a beautiful environment at each unique location. When we work with our clients, we give them exceptionally great service from start to finish.

Proper lawn maintenance makes your property look presentable and improves the value of your home. It is also a reflection of the owner or a strong first impression. That is why It is essential to have great lawn care services to keep your yard free of shrubs and dead leaves. In order for your lawn to look healthy and green, it needs all the nutrients and maintenance it can get. We do fall and spring clean up to keep your yard free of debris and dead leaves. Lawn mowing services are also provided to keep your yard freshly cut and neat.

To learn more about our landscaping services in Baton Rouge, LA, call (225) 803-5979 today! Evergreen Landscape will take care of all your lawn care needs. We also have tree trimming and shrub removal services.

Sod Installation

Sod Installation

Slowing down and watching the grass grow sounds good. In theory. But the reality is that if your lawn needs renewing, you'll be looking at a big patch of dirt for weeks. And why wait, when summer can begin right now — with a lush green carpet underfoot?

When it comes to getting a thick, healthy lawn, nothing beats sod installation for instant gratification. In a couple of weeks you've got a dense, well-established lawn that's naturally resistant to weeds, diseases, and pest infestations. Our company is experienced in sod installation and have helped many customers in the area.

Call Evergreen Landscape to help you get started on sod installation. We also provide residential landscaping services as well as tree trimming. If you need shrub removal, we are the right company for you. Don't hesitate to ask us about our other lawn care services!

Residential & Commercial Landscape

Residential & Commercial Landscape

Evergreen Landscape has a proven track record of providing creative, high quality residential and commercial landscape installations. Our excellent commercial and residential landscape installation, plant fertilization, and fungicide spray services have brought many smiles to our clients over the years. Homeowners who have had the pleasure of working with our professional staff find that we not only produce a better landscape environment, but our services often save them money in the long run. We provide the ultimate value for our clients’ investments in professional landscaping services.

At Evergreen Landscape, we constantly challenge ourselves to try something new, wonderful and interesting on each job we’re hired for. Based on the rave reviews we’ve received, we’re convinced that we are more than meeting the challenge. Our emphasis is on consistent quality, but we also appreciate the significant twists and turns that go along with creating a beautiful environment at each unique location.

We work with our clients from start to finish. A landscape contractor from our professional landscape design staff will be on site to ensure a job well done. To learn more about our landscape installation in Baton Rouge, LA, call today!

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